🔥White List, Community Bot, Testers Pool: Global Opening🔥

3 min readFeb 21, 2022


We are glad to announce a whole new selection of opportunities that Farcana now has to offer! Some of them include:

  1. White List opening
  2. Community Bot with awesome new functions:
    (а)Farcana Mini Game
    (b)Testers Pool
    (с)Beta-testing of the platform

1.White List opening

We are delighted to announce that our White List is now open to all those who wish to be the first to step into the Farcana Metaverse and start reaping the early-starter benefits.

You can apply to the Whitelist via our website — https://farcana.com/en/whitelist

💥Some perks of White List participation:

- Exclusive Pre-Sale Price fix of $0.3 — only 15,000,000 Tokens available
- Exclusive NFT skins and weapons, which are not available to purchase
- Special Tester Pool filled with stage to stage rewards and a super allocation pool for a $500 ticket with a quick unlock and an appealing price for the last ones left standing!

We also offer grants to Guilds and any 3rd parties that will bring value to the project, incentivize developers, who wish to join our ecosystem by utilizing NFT lands & create their own game items, as well as acknowledge the input of advisors.

2. Community Bot

The community bot introduces multiple exciting function: mini-game, testers pool and beta-testing platforms. Link to the bot: https://t.me/farcanagame_bot
You can find out more about each functionality below:

(а) Farcana Mini Game

Complete our Mini-game with the highest score. Share results to our official groups.
- Connect the highest number of people through the referral system

(b) Testers Pool
At this stage, you need to help us in game development, and complete several tasks in the Metaverse, executing tasks from our community bot, which is connected to your account on the platform. The bot identifies you by wallet address that was previously connected to your personal account.

Follow us on social media and make at least one comment in each of our social media accounts, explaining why you joined Farcana.🚀

1️⃣Exclusive NFT skins and weapons which are not available for purchase
2️⃣Super allocation pool for a $500 ticket with a quick unlock and an appealing price of $0.3
3️⃣Activity rewards program for 5 prizes at 100 BUSD each (to open 27 February 2022)

(с)Beta-testing of the platform

We will launch Farcana beta-testing as early as March-April. For task completion in the Farcana beta test, rewards will be distributed to all testers in the form of NFTs and FAR tokens. Conditions are currently under development. Beta testing will be available to all those who have previously joined the Community Bot and created a personal account on the Farcana website.

Stay tuned and don’t miss the chance to join us at this early stage of the project to reap maximum benefits!

🔺Join Farcana Whitelist: https://farcana.com/en/whitelist
🔺Join Farcana Community bot:

FARCANA | Web | Whitelist

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