What do we expect from shooters in 2022?

3 min readJul 4, 2022


Almost every game is more or less based on a combat system. Battles have become a part of the gaming industry almost since its inception.

One of the first game titles — Spacewar, which was released in 1962, set a player the task of destroying an enemy spaceship.

Since then, gamers have been shooting, hacking, stabbing, attacking, cutting, blowing up, shooting, in short, destroying the enemy in all available ways in thousands of game universes.

The reasons for this are quite simple: from the point of view of the gamedesigner, a direct collision such as a fight or a shootout is the easiest way to create an obstacle for the player. And an equally simple way to give the player a pleasant reward.

To go further, you need to get rid of these NPCs. Shot an NPC? Here’s the satisfaction of the completed mission and an in-game reward.

With the advent of online games, shooters have become the easiest way to put players against each other. They did not need to spend time building infrastructure as in strategies or delve into the essence of lore as in RPGs. Here’s a weapon for you, everyone who is not you or your team are enemies.

However, the hegemony of simple shooters quickly became boring to gamers and in order to retain the audience, all sorts of techniques were used to diversify the gameplay. From mechanics with grabbing and throwing various objects or the need to explore the arena to increase the chances of winning to the construction of complex plots.

Moreover, shooter players were among the first to be able to earn money through games. After all, it was the shooting tournaments that became one of the first global events in the field of esports.

It would seem that with all the wealth and variety that shooters have accumulated by 2022, how else can you diversify the game in this genre? It turns out there are still ways.

Psychotypes of players

Several decades ago, Richard Allan Bartle, a professor at the University of Essex, came up with a model for segmenting players by psychological types. Today it is used by game developers all over the world.

Bartle identified the following psychotypes of players:

  • Achievers. The name Careerists is also found. It is important for them to accumulate power, money, cool artifacts — any game goods and resources.
  • Explorers. They are interested in exploring the game world and revealing its secrets. They don’t chase after active actions and battles.
  • Socializes. They are also called Party People. Communication with other players, social interaction and mutual understanding are important for them.
  • Killers. For them, the main motivation is superiority over other players, dominance, domination. They only want to win.

Regardless of the genre of the game, if you create in-game conditions for all or most of these audiences, the game will attract more attention.

That is why most online games are now striving to create their own universe, within which players will be able to satisfy different requests. However, there are also non-game mechanics for these purposes.


Play-To-Earn turned out to be the first game economy model that was able to attract all gamers without exception, since the model itself was based on the fact that players are rewarded financially for their time and efforts in the game.

As this economic model is still quite fresh, there are no shooters in this system yet.

However, Farcana plans to be the first and open the door to a revolutionary future of shooting games. Farcana is a Battle Royale game with a guaranteed Bitcoin reward. In addition to the fact that Farcana has presented its own Play-To-Hash model, within which players can receive rewards in Bitcoin, the developers also plan to create a joint metaverse. Within this metaverse, the game will be divided into various climatic zones, in which NFT lands will be available for the extraction of the in-game resource Infilium, which is also an NFT.

In addition to an open confrontation that will appeal to the Killers, the game will have attractive mechanics for Achievers, Explorers and Socializes. Taking into account the artificial economic model, which has no analogue, Farcana promises to become a new word in the gaming industry.


Of course, what Farcana is doing now is only the first step in the formation of a new era of shooters. However, as you know, the first step is always the most important. It will form the sequence of the next steps and the main trends of the industry for the next few years. Let’s see how the game world changes after the release of Farcana.




Farcana is a free-to-play 3rd-person PC arena shooter built on Unreal Engine 5 and powered by blockchain. Join intense 4v4 combat and earn real Bitcoin rewards