Revolution in P2E, Farcana and Play-To-Hash

2 min readMay 14, 2022

Not just another revolution

In the beginning of 2022 it was announced that a new unique Play-To-Earn game is about to hit the market. Farcana — a new special project that is about to revolutionize the industry.

But what makes Farcana so revolutionary?

First of all, Faracana is the first to bring shooters to the P2E gaming industry. The main genre of the game is battle royale which is going to expand into a full fledged metaverse. This is much more than a standard AAA experience.

Second, partnerships. Farcana is backed by big MMA Stars and professional gamers. What else can one say if Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko, the Ukrainian professional CS: GO player, is a partner of Farcana. Doesn’t that prove to you that it’s a good shooting game?

Then there are rewards. Rewards will be distributed during weekly, monthly and yearly tournaments. Players will compete for nothing less than Bitcoins. Yes, real Bitcoins! Developers promise that every participant of the game’s metaverse will be able to monitor how the prize pool is being mined, so when the tournament starts, players will have additional motivation to beat their opponents.

Which leads us to the new economics model — Play-To-Hash.


Play-To-Hash is a new game mechanic introduced by Farcana.

Farcana has reserved a Bitcoin pool specifically to distribute it as rewards to tournament participants. Thus, Farcana players will compete not for some altcoin, but for real BTC.

To maintain this pool, Farcana plans to use its own mining capacity. Moreover, players will be able to help with this. By investing their funds in the $FARCANA token, players will increase mining capacity, since part of the investment will be launched exclusively in additional hashrate. Moreover, Farcana is considering the possibility of cooperation with crypto mining companies. Given that Farcana is planning to create a full-fledged metaverse, maintaining and increasing hashrate looks more than realistic.

The precedent of Farcana

Of course, Farcana does not offer to take their word for it. Participants of the game and investors will be provided with a link for observation. At any moment, everyone will be able to see for themselves how full the BTC pool is, waiting to be distributed for rewards.

Farcana is going to set a precedent in the mechanics of Play-To-Earn, since new tokens always depend on many factors and can quickly lose in price. In the case when the main reward is Bitcoin, the game fully insures itself and players from the risks of a sharp drop in value, thus turning Play-To-Hash into the future of the industry.




Farcana is a multiplayer third-person hero shooter powered by a Web3 economy.