📢News of the Week

🔴Exploring Farcana’s Battle Royal Mode
Farcana’s Battle Royal Mode is about way more than being the last one standing on the Farcana Metaverse battlefield. It’s about harvesting all the real mined Bitcoins in the Tournament Prize Fund!

đź”´We are Hiring: Join the Farcana Team
Interested in becoming part of a team of some of the most diverse, creative and talented people in the industry? Join us!

🔴Our Future Plans — Roadmap
Can’t wait to indulge into the Farcana Metaverse? Us too! Time flies by fast and before you know it, Farcana will be up and running. Check out our roadmap!

đź”´The Market Problem Farcana Solves
Farcana introduces a brand-new project operating model, backed by real-life Bitcoin mining, which makes it stand out in a market of worthless tokens and pyramid schemes.

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Blockchain-based game with original Play-to-Hash model, real Bitcoin prize pool and regular tournaments