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3 min readMar 4, 2022


It’s been an eventful week for Farcana! Activity Reward Program take-off to new Farcana’s ambassador — Albert Duraev & GameFi market analysis, we are moving ahead fast! The future is already here!

  • Community Growth up to 18k followers

🤩 We are super excited that just in two weeks we gained our chat community of up to 17 865 persons. Greetings to all early adoptions! The most delicious piece of the pie is yours.

➡️➡️➡️ All smart and successful people are already in the chat @Farcana_Chat_ENG

🚀 How did we get here?

Dozen of media published posts about the Farcana game. We are proud that lots of these media cheer us for absolutely free.

World-famous people joined us. You know that Albert Duraev, UFC star, became Farcana’s ambassador. More celebrities are upcoming. By the way, who are you want to see as our ambassador much more?

Dozen of Youtubers told people their own opinion about us. It is not hard to guess that they gave a vote to Farcana.

🎯 Where do we want to be?

We want to be the number one P2E game in the market. Tens of thousands of people have caught this essence and are already following Farcana. Hot announces every week.

💎Welcome our New Partner — Blockchain Cuties

Farcana — the Triple A P2H Game-Fi Metaverse is happy to introduce its new strategic partner — the awesome blockchain game — Blockchain Cuties!

🐱Blockchain Cuties is a collectible crypto game with adventures where users get to play with a whole variation of real and fantasy creatures alike.

We plan to organize a lot of cross-promos and in-game activities for common growth of all partners in the very near future!

📍You can find out more about the project here: https://blockchaincuties.com/

🔺F0RTUN4 DAO! Offering 250K Allocation for Farcana

Created by SalAd — the go-to marketing company that addresses all digital marketing needs, F0RTUN4 DAO takes projects to the DAO, open doors to real OG’s crypto community and funds, help with audit, fundraising, guerrilla stealth marketing & partnerships.

F0RTUN4 DAO offers 250K allocation of Farcana at a special price for all its members & additionally considers private allocations! It also grants KOLs and Influencers the opportunity to participate in the marketing campaign and help boost the project on exclusive terms.

You can find out more about this via:

🔥Albert Duraev — New Farcana Ambassador!

Albert is a well-known professional mixed martial artist in the UFC middleweight division, who greatly enjoyed the concept of Farcana giving its gamers real life $BTC in daily, monthly and yearly tournaments!

Want to take part together with Albert? Follow Albert’s referral link to join the Whitelist & register in the Farcana bot to fix the exclusive Pre-Sale price, win FARs through community events and secret prize pools!

🤝YT Blogger — Tommy on Farcana!

A new video about Farcana is out! The well-known YT blogger — Tommy (101k followers) has acknowledged our Metaverse platform, informing his subscribers about Farcana’s perks!

Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63GS2XV0BV4

🔺Core Management & Vision of the Market

Nikita Varlygina (COO) of Farcana answered some questions on the topical issues of the P2E market today & addressed how Farcana works to solve them!

What are the P2E market’s main problems and how does Farcana solve them?

🚩Worthless Tokens

A huge issue in the P2E world today is, you enter a project which seems to have perspective and buy its tokens, but as a gamer you only earn if the project succeeds, otherwise your newly-owned tokens are useless. Unfortunately, this often ends up being the case.

We at Farcana have set out to change this dynamic by supporting our in-game economy with the strongest crypto known to us all — BTC. By offering daily, monthly and yearly tournaments with prizes in BTC, we ensure that while BTC lives, so does Farcana and our gamers’ winnings!

🚩Empty Promises

With milestones set out for a year from zero to goldmine, it’s no surprise most projects fail. We, on the other hand, are developing slowly and steadily within 2–3 years, investing into mining power and development, as well as expanding our team constantly.




Farcana is a free-to-play 3rd-person PC arena shooter built on Unreal Engine 5 and powered by blockchain. Join intense 4v4 combat and earn real Bitcoin rewards