📢News of the Week

Missed out on some news? Not to worry! Check out the highlights!

🔺Development plans we executed this week

From improved weapon switching animations to new weapon models and a “blocking” of our new “Futuristic city” location!

🔺Farcana as the Future of Open World Games

Explore the endless world of Farcana, take quests, improve your characters and more!

🔺Meet the Farcana Team

Get to know those who are behind the creation of the unique Farcana Metaverse!

CTO — Dr. Dmitry Mikhailov

CFO — Timur Gubaydulin

COO — Nikita Varlygina

🔺Check out the article about us on crypto.news!


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Blockchain-based game with original Play-to-Hash model, real Bitcoin prize pool and regular tournaments