🌀How did we choose the blockchain for Farcana game development?🌀

2 min readFeb 24, 2022


Few can argue that P2E Gaming has gone real big in 2021, but its unexpected boom also created the challenges of coming up with a truly innovative game that would stand out on a quickly-saturating market, as well as figuring out the right blockchain to launch it on.

We at Farcana had our revolutionary P2E game concept done and ready, but the choice of BSC as blockchain took time. So why have we chosen it in the end? Let’s take a look.

🔺Market Overview

According to Footprint Analytics, the top five GameFi blockchains since June have been Hive, BSC, WAX, Ronin and Polygon — popular among players for their innovative gameplay and novel concepts. We can take a look at each of them in further detail, which will lead to understanding why BSC was the top choice for Farcana.


Hive is a fork of the social blockchain Steem. Having eliminated Steem’s centralized control, it has become its own decentralized entity, which could potentially be a fit for some game developers. Hive’s support for large transaction volumes, combined with its fast three-second lock time and free transactions indeed makes it a suitable platform for building highly interactive applications.


Based on an EOS adaptation, WAX follows the DPoS consensus mechanism to support the high throughput required for gaming. For developers, it provides game, dApp, transactional application development and on-chain services. For users — an on-chain marketplace for buying, selling and trading game props.


Polygon is a Layer 2 scaling solution built on Ethereum with the goal of addressing some barriers to dApp adoption. It has now expanded to GameFi and the NFTs.


Ronin’s ecosystem is relatively simple compared to Hive, WAX and Polygon, and only serves as the exclusive chain of Axie Infinity. Ronin focuses more on the experience of the application and solves such issues as inefficiency and high consumption.


BSC initially focused on DeFi, but is now prominent in GameFi as well. In contrast to Hive, WAX, Ronin and Polygon blockchains, BSC is one of the most populated gaming projects, becoming a playground for GameFi dApps. BSC can:

  • create and deploy smart contracts. Is a fully independent smart contract blockchain with EVM
  • BSC has long maintained fast speed and retained low transaction fees
  • BSC’s team is well-funded and has a richer ecosystem compared to its competitors

All in all, with Farcana we chose not to take any chances and stick to the most trusted, quick and fully GameFi-adapted blockchain, which is most widely preferred by our users.💪

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