Farcana announces partnership with Metarun

2 min readJul 14, 2022


Over the course of Farсana’s existence, we as its creators have always strived to expand the range of Play-To-Earn games. We’ve always been attracted by the fact that Play-To-Earn games give you the opportunity not only to have a good time in a team of like-minded people, but also to generate income. Combining these two features in Play-To-Earn games has always inspired us.

Making money while doing what you love is something worth living for. As we have said, one of the most important feature for us is a pleasant community of gamers, developers and partners, which gives us the opportunity to spend time playing the game and get a common gaming experience, but also to feel a sense of unity.

That’s why today we are happy to announce that we have regained the feeling of unity with our new like-minded people through partnership. We’ve partnered with Metarun!

About Metarun

Metarun is the first endless mobile running game with NFT assets. Metarun is a free Play-To-Earn game where you can play in PVE or PVP modes. If you do not have a goal to earn, then you have the opportunity to play in basic mode. Players will begin their journey by selecting from one of three character classes, The Craftsman, The Fighter, and The Sprinter. There are four main characteristics for each class: Health, Mana, Collision Damage, and Maximal Speed.

A prodigious blend of traits from conventional games such as graphics and gameplay mechanics mixed with noncustodial smart-contracts-powered features such as NFT, DeFi, and Blockchain. Players can earn in-game currencies utilized for several cardinal upgrades such as characters, abilities, pets, and visual styles. Players have the opportunity to own assets and trade them on the cross-chain NFT marketplace. The most important advantage of the Play-To-Earn game Metarun is the complete absence of advertising.

About Farcana

Farcana is a blockchain-based gaming project with a real Bitcoin prize pool and regular tournaments. Farcana is backed by the patented deflationary economic model coined Play-to-Hash which is based on Bitcoin mining power. It bridges the gap between Web2 gaming quality and the Web3 economy and technologies. Farcana’s ambassadors are leading physical and eSports athletes including Zeus (CS:GO player), and UFC athletes Albert Duraev and Khamzat Chimaev.

Also, we plan to organize a huge number of events: quests challenges, AMA sessions and more. So don’t hesitate to subscribe to Metarun not to miss great social activities.





Farcana is a free-to-play 3rd-person PC arena shooter built on Unreal Engine 5 and powered by blockchain. Join intense 4v4 combat and earn real Bitcoin rewards