Bringing Blue & Orange to Mars💙​🧡​: Farcana is Launching on Arbitrum Nova

4 min readMar 3, 2023

While we spent most of 2022 focusing on game development, our team has also been searching for an ecosystem where we can grow. And we’re gladly reporting that Farcana will be building on Arbitrum!

Arbitrum Nova X Blockchain Gaming

Gamers are used to making fast and secure transactions. Therefore, it has to be hassle-free. And with a large player base and proportionately a large transactional volume, transaction speed in-game is a vital point of consideration for Farcana.

Without the ease of transaction, there will always be a rift between blockchain gaming and traditional gaming. Arbitrum resolved this issue by introducing technologies that allow blockchain games to handle a large number of transactions and users. These innovations are as follows:

  1. Optimistic Rollup :
    An optimistic rollup is a technique that allows transactions to be processed optimistically. This means transactions are assumed to be valid until proven otherwise. Thus, transactions can be processed at a much higher volume than those executed directly on Ethereum’s main net.
  2. EVM+ :
    Arbitrum recently announced a breakthrough in development that will arrive later this year. The network upgrade will allow developers to deploy dApps written in Rust, C, and C++ directly onto the chain. The broader games industry is much more familiar with these languages, so traditional game studios will have a much better development experience. The EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) is currently limited to Solidity and Vyper languages. This EVM+ approach is expected to unlock a new wave of developers that can enter the ecosystem.

Arbitrum technology propels blockchain efficiency and scalability to the next level while retaining the security of Ethereum. This means that Arbitrum can process transactions more efficiently and handle a larger volume of transactions, which can be essential for supporting games like Farcana, which is built for a large user base. More on that later.

“We at Arbitrum are very excited that Farcana is choosing Nova to build the web3 elements of one of the most innovative third-person shooter games we have seen. The Farcana team has been optimizing development for the best player experience. Arbitrum Nova can support this goal with its unparalleled transaction speed and ultra-low cost. We can’t wait for the Farcana Arena to be open for players later this year!” — David Bolger, Arbitrum Gaming.

With the innovation of Arbitrum Nova’s AnyTrust Technology, in-game transactions will be even more cost-efficient. The Arbitrum One chain was already cheaper than Ethereum Mainnet by 95%. Yet, Arbitrum Nova takes this step further to make transaction costs even cheaper, more than 99% lower than Ethereum’s main net. Our decision to launch on Arbitrum Nova is strategic because we care about our gamers’ experience.

Farcana’s vision is to create an exciting team-arena shooter game accessible to all. And Arbitrum’s features make it an excellent platform for Farcana to launch.

The (Exponentially) Growing Arbitrum Ecosystem

Apart from the technological edge Arbitrum Nova offers, we aspire to be part of Arbitrum’s overall ecosystem growth. Recent on-chain data shows that Treasure DAO has achieved a whopping $267 million in NFT marketplace volume since its inception and has engaged over 100,000 unique players. Farcana believes that being part of the Arbitrum ecosystem pushes us to learn from influential projects like Treasure DAO.

“What really attracted us to the Arbitrum Nova was not only their technology but the Arbitrum community. We’re excited to be part of this Ecosystem and aspire to bring value to Arbitrum’s community. Farcana’s innovative Play-to-Hash reward mechanism and our unique Team-Arena shooter genre will definitely help shape Web 3 gaming!” — Islam Shazhaev, Farcana CBDO.

We are also aware of the gaming ecosystem’s robust pipeline of games launching this year. Titles like AI Arena, Starfall, The Forgotten Runes Wizards, and many more will level up the already vibrant ecosystem. Farcana hopes to introduce reward sustainability through its Play-to-Hash model.

Given the resources poured into Web 3 gaming innovation within the Arbitrum Ecosystem, we are excited about what lies ahead!

About Farcana

Farcana is an immersive shooter game built on blockchain and Unreal Engine 5. The game lore takes place on Mars, where the Earth’s resources are depleting, and mankind sent expeditions to the Red Planet to hunt for Infilium, a powerful and scarce energy source.

Farcana offers a Bitcoin-backed prize pool regulated by a stable Play-to-Hash (P2H) economic model patented in the US. P2H offers gamers more transparency than the conventional Play-to-Earn model.

Farcana Labs, the scientific and engineering arm of Farcana, supplies AI solutions and wearable hardware to the gaming industry. Farcana’s innovations offer players a more immersive and intuitive gaming experience.

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Farcana is a multiplayer third-person hero shooter powered by a Web3 economy.